The first advertiser in Sweden to create a dynamic digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign

Ad Layer with Merkle & Clear Channel enables one of XXLs largest Christmas campaigns: Effective, innovative, and powerful digital out-of-home (DOOH) with contextually relevant ads to hyperlocal audiences

What are the upsides of dynamic and hyper-local DOOH? And how did one of the largest and fastest-growing sports retailers in the Nordics elevate their existing setup onto a multichannel campaign with such a great impact?

By connecting Clear Channel as a DOOH tech vendor to the Ad Layer CMP, XXL could test and serve ads on billboards in Sweden, located close to the department stores. Combining video and location-based messages, the campaign effectively grabbed the bypasser’s attention.

By connecting creatives to specific locations and having relevant GEO-based messaging, the versatile setup made it easy, at a moment’s notice, to change the content when there was a need to update. Based on the extension being built on top of an existing framework, the results exceeded the expectations.

“We are impressed by how the creative flexibility is enabled by programmatic”

“With the Ad Layer platform, there are possibilities to in an easy way create relevant ads with relevant messaging without a tremendous workload. With the use of feeds, we can easily adjust the message, create hundreds or thousands of different ads, and of course, also do changes when needed. Traditionally DOOH has the same message all over, but now the message can be much more specific– both based on geo, but also different times on the day, etc. We are impressed by how the creative flexibility is enabled by programmatic”, says Christine Magelssen Bergby, Head of Operations at Merkle.

Let us deep dive into the numbers of this pilot Christmas campaign that lasted for one week, on 22 billboard surfaces, and had a share of voice of 16,6%.

  • 79% of the receivers perceived the sender of the campaign as clear
  • 75% thought the campaign message was clear.

The campaign showed how easy it is to adjust the message to different screens and locations

The effect of the campaign was above average with the positive effect being 38% and the positive impression reaching 56%. This means that people who saw the campaign consider that it had a positive impact on them. Looking at what interaction the campaign gave, showed that people visiting/contacting the store, and searching information online were also above average.

The campaign showed how easy it is to adjust the message to different screens and locations, to create more content for the same campaign in a cost-efficient way and how DOOH also can use tailor-made content.

The key takeaway from the campaign is:

  • Efficiency: The solution is built on an existing setup and framework that are flexible and scalable.
  • Smart: By selecting billboards close to XXL stores in Stockholm, combining video and location-based messages effectively grabbed the bypasser’s attention.

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