How does a creative management platform (CMP) work?

Ad Layer is a cloud-based software that simplifies digital advertising for your marketing team. It combines various technologies into an easy-to-use platform, acting as a mini production agency for your brand. It saves a lot of time, maximizes ROI, and enables your team to create impactful and personalized ads – without any coding knowledge.

Design, scale, target, publish – enjoy!

Our platform helps your whole team make the most of their time and in turn – your brand. Here’s a quick glance at the features that will help you take your marketing to the next level.

Design without creative limitations

Ad Layer comes with a robust designer interface with all the features a designer need to create the best HTML5 and display ads possible – no coding skills needed.

Scale for relevance and powerful results

Variety is the spice of life and the key to staying relevant. Just press one button to create new versions of an existing ad or update the content of all your live ads – in realtime. Hundreds or thousands of ads in 5 seconds? Yes please!
Setting up feeds should not be hard, we offer a self-service tool to split, filter and replace any content.

Optimize your targeting and publish with one click

Relevance is one of the main driving forces behind a great campaign. Make sure everyone get the message they need and publish with one click to your system of choice.

Check out our targeting features

Benefits that support your strategy

Creative control

Gain control through a clear global brand view of digital content and through brand supportive features

Creative automation

Use external sources and feeds to automate and update the content dynamically and optimized for each media channel, context, and audience.

Global scale – local value

Global scale adapted to your design and brand book combined with local and personalized content will enable global success

A solution championed by the industry

Many partners and customers are pushing towards our way becoming the default for production.

Improved collaboration

Seamless cross-agency workflows. Ad Layer helps you to streamline the communications, eliminate unnecessary emails, and save time!


Being open and working with APIs towards leading ad servers and DSPs is the key to successful digital optimization.

No coding skills needed.

Take control of all your digital advertising campaigns without the need for complicated coding, and easily make changes with just a few clicks.

Future proof digital production

Our platform doesn’t rely on third party cookies, and it is of course GDPR compliant.


Ad Layer comes with a robust designer interface with all the features a designer need to create the best HTML5 and display ads possible.

Do as the cool kids and simple drag and drop whatever asset you want to use, then position it with pixel perfect precision.

You want to add some text styling and formatting, no problem! Setting up the ad with percentage based positioning? Easy! Optimizing high resolution images to fit in ad spaces with a very low Kb allowance? Done!

Drag and drop (just as above) a video in the stage to create a video banner in seconds, make sure to apply the settings you want as well.

You can either select your own hosting service or use your ad server hosting without any separate uploads or setups. So now all those cool video ads you have been seeing around, you can make them you too! But also ten times faster!

We give you the power of choice: either do super-quick animations with preset animations or go full pro and use Keyframe animations.

If it’s friday afternoon and your boss demands that you create a full set of animated ads just right click that image and use the premade animations to do amazing ads. Or if you are aiming for that prize in Cannes then keyframe animations is the tool for you for that hand made feel.

When you want to flex those programming muscles just use the scripting view to apply css or javascript directly to a scene or object.

We don’t want to set up boundaries for your creativity so we allow you to take those amazing scripts you have written to make it rain cats or maybe some advanced animations you want to show off. If it’s something you will want to use later, just save it as a custom object or send it to us and we will make a widget out of it!

Just press one button to create new versions of an existing ad or to update the content of all your live ads – in realtime! Hundred or Thousand of ads in 5 seconds? Yes!

This is what we do best: Mass production in a huge scale, we are not only creating awesome ads, we create gazillions of awesome ads!

If creating an ad manually isn’t enough, how about creating thousands of ads automatically using a feed? Ad Layer accepts most file types CSV, XML, JSON, Google docs, Google Shopping feed, excel etc. Now you can easily import that shared document with pricing and copy to automatically generate ads from. No more copy pasting!

Also setting up feeds should not be hard, we offer a self service tool to split, filter and replace any content.

Enable global scale but communicate with your customers in their native language. Just create a language version in our user-friendly interface and send a translation request to your translators with a deadline. Collaborate with your team and coordinate everything in Ad Layer.

Sounds easy? It is!

Connect Ad Layer directly to your ad server or DSP and to your existing audiences and targeting models. Creative optimization and media optimization working together to create the best result possible.

Put the targeting in the hands of the ones working with the creative optimization instead of constantly sending batches of zip files to the traffic team. Now you can easily select what targeting to use, what parameters and publish without any extra steps.

Ad Layer is built for DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) and allows you to create thousands of different ads automatically using a feed or manually doing A/B testing optimizing the content for the best result.

Everyone is talking about DCO but very few are actually doing it. It’s pretty complicated but we are experts at making complicated things easy. Just attach the Ad Layer dynamic ads in your platform, set up the feed and creatives in Ad Layer and press play to watch your campaigns come to life.

Why not create unique messages within every country, city or postal code for a more personalized and relevant offering. Geo targeting is one of the most effective ways to create relevance.

This way every country gets their own personalized message and offers without massive amounts of work creating each ad by hand and then setting everything up one country at a time. Just select how you want to target and with what content.

With an API connection all ads can be swiftly pushed directly to the ad server, either as standard html ads or with targeting attached. Ad Layer supports all major adservers on the market.

If you are missing a connection we can easily set up a new one to make sure you can serve your ads in your system of choice.

Do you want to create ads for social media as well? No problem – In Ad Layer you can easily create social ads quickly with our templates.

Just select the platform, if you are doing static images or video and off you go!

With our preview and review you can see exactly how the ads will look.
Then with a swift push of a button export the assets in a handy package.


We support all means of publishing so why not go old school and download IAB standard HTML5 ad packages or JPG files for that retro feeling.

Ad Layer creates ZIP files with all ads neatly organized into folders together with fallbacks if needed. The packages are adapted to whichever system you choose but a good option is always the IAB standard format.

For JPEG we offer high quality images which can be used as fallbacks, jpg-ads or why not on social media!

Get the most out of your communication

Sounds like Ad Layer might be the solution you’ve been looking for? We’re happy to tell you more about it and see how it can fit into your marketing. Book a demo and we’ll take you on a grand tour of the solution to your ad management problems.

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