Relevance is one of the main driving forces behind a great campaign. Make sure everyone get the message they need.



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Use adserver targeting

Connect Ad Layer directly to your ad server or DSP and to your existing audiences and targeting models. Creative optimization and media optimization working together to create the best result possible.

Put the targeting in the hands of the ones working with the creative optimization instead of constantly sending batches of zip files to the traffic team. Now you can easily select what targeting to use, what parameters and publish without any extra steps. 


Ad Layer is built for DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) and allows you to create thousands of different ads automatically using a feed or manually doing A/B testing optimizing the content for the best result. 

Everyone os talking about DCO but very few are actually doing it. It’s pretty complicated but we are experts at making complicated things easy. Just attack the Ad Layer dynamic ads in your platform, set up the feed and creatives in Ad Layer and press play to watch your campaigns come to life. 

Geo target unique messages

Why not create unique messages within every country, city or postal code for a more personalized and relevant offering. Geo targeting is one of the most effective ways to create relevance. 

This way every country gets their own personalized message and offers without massive amounts of work creating each ad by hand and then setting everything up one country at a time. Just select how you want to target and with what content.