Variety is the spice of life. Take control and create thousands of ads with different content and design in no time



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Scale your display ads

Just press one button to create new versions of an existing ad or to update the content of all your live ads – in realtime! Hundred or Thousand of ads in 5 seconds? Yes!

This is what we do best: Mass production in a huge scale, we are not only creating awesome ads, we create gazillions of awesome ads! 

Generate ads from feeds

If creating an ad manually isn’t enough, how about creating thousands of ads automatically using a feed? Ad Layer accepts most file types CSV, XML, JSON, Google docs, Google Shopping feed, excel etc. Now you can easily import that shared document with pricing and copy to automatically generate ads from. No more copy pasting! 

Also setting up feeds should not be hard, we offer a self service tool to split, filter and replace any content. 


Enable global scale but communicate with your customers in their native language. Just create a language version in our user-friendly interface and send a translation request to your translators with a deadline. Collaborate with your team and coordinate everything in Ad Layer.  

Sounds easy? It is!