One click publishing to your system of choice or download publishing-ready HTML5 packages, or why not both?


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API and Connections

With an API connection all ads can be swiftly pushed directly to the ad server, either as standard html ads or with targeting attached. Ad Layer supports all major adservers on the market.

If you are missing a connection we can easily set up a new one to make sure you can serve your ads in your system of choice.

Site and email publishing

Do you want to push banners to your site or to your e-mails as well? No problem – Ad Layers website publishing and site-scheduler allow you to publish the ads you to your website and e-mails with your pre-set dates and rotations.

Don’t worry about slow loading times; we  can push the ads to your own CDN, removing loading times. The added bonus is that they don’t get stoped by ad blockers! 

Download ads

We support all means of publishing so why not go old school and download IAB standard HTML5 ad packages or JPG files for that retro feeling.

Ad Layer creates ZIP files with all ads neatly organized into folders together with fallbacks if needed. The packages are adapted to whichever system you choose but a good option is always the IAB standard format.

For JPEG we offer high quality images which can be used as fallbacks, jpg-ads or why not on social media!