Cookie Apocalypse

🌐 The cookie apocalypse is soon here, and it’s going to be fine! Just chill!

So I guess you already heard of this whole “cookie apocalypse” thing and, honestly, I’m kind of excited about it!

Here’s why:

🔒 Privacy is a priority: We’re about to see a big shift towards user privacy. The phasing out of third-party cookies means less of the ‘big brother’ (we are watching you!) vibe and more respect for user preferences. A true win for everyone’s online privacy.

🚀 Time for innovation: With the old cookie model crumbling (pun intended), we must think differently. I’m looking forward to seeing what will emerge in terms of creative and innovative strategies. Google’s new FLoC tech is already making waves, and it’s just the beginning. Everyone dealing with 3rd party cookies will have to do something drastic; which will be interesting to follow.

📈 Quality over quantity: The ongoing change puts the spotlight on first-party data., aka getting insights directly from our audiences. I think this can lead to more meaningful and genuine customer interactions. The drawback is that only the biggest players will have access to first-party data.

📊 Smarter strategies: No more lazy reliance on cookies for analytics. We’ll need to get smarter with how we measure success. It’s like leveling up in a game – challenging but way more rewarding. Also what’s wrong with impressions and clicks, it worked in -97 😉

🤝 A fair play field: This can level the digital marketing playing field. Big or small, every brand will need to innovate and adapt. We are ready for the challenge!

So, while “cookie apocalypse” might sound like a scary thing, I think it’s a chance to grow and innovate in digital marketing.

Let’s embrace the apocalypse and see where it takes us!


– Mikael Jansson, Chief Product Officer at Ad Layer

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