So what is a Creative management platform? (CMP)

It’s… complicated. But let’s try to make it easy;
Ad Layer is basically an online tool where your designers can build ads and change the content without any coding knowledge. Sometimes it might be just one ad, but often it’s twenty different formats or sometimes even hundreds of ads in thirty different formats and ten languages.

Doing all these by hand takes time, trust us, we used to do this.

So we created Ad Layer to do this for you. Not completely automatically as we don’t trust a AI enough to let it design according to your brand book, but the system more or less fills in the content where you want it based on your design of choice.



Ad Layer and Data



Another key argument for using Ad Layer (besides all the features) is that we do not serve any ads or assets in Ad Layer, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Also we do not store nor use your data. 

Ad Layer is built to connect directly to the leading adservers and DSPs so you can serve your ads and assets directly in your system of your choice. 


If that’s not possible all ads can be exported as stand alone ads to be used as you please. We also don’t load any tracking pixels or scripts to collect data.

There are several reasons behind this, all of them are important.


We didn´t do
this for you



We did this for us. Really! We used to work with banner production and the creation of DCM campaigns. We noticed that there was no good tools to help with the creation process when you needed to do 100+ versions in 20 different sizes unless you wanted to serve the ads in a 3:rd party system.

As veterans in ad tech we know that there are several issues with 3:rd party serving such as walled garden with data, loss of clicks and impressions and huge costs in campaigns with a lot of impressions.

We had earlier built a system that enabled dynamic video advertising so we created a new team that focused on building a tool that we could work in.

The mission was to create a system that would support both the creative part of making html5 ads, such as animations, asset handling and a interface that designers would like.

But also to enable mass production and the ability to connect to any advertising system to feed ads directly to that system so the data would be collected in one place: where the client could use it.

Three years later we now have a system that no longer is for us: It’s for you.

We want you to create ten ads where you normally would create one. We want you to use your ad server to store and analyze the data and we want you to connect your product feeds to enable mass production on a global scale.

So we hope you find what we have created useful, we sure did.