Who said creating a HTML5 ad with video, scaling text, pixel perfect design and animations was easy? We did!



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Simple drag and drop

Do as the cool kids and simple drag and drop whatever asset you want to use, then position it with pixel perfect precision. 

You want to add some text styling and formatting, no problem! Setting up the ad with percentage based positioning? Easy! Optimizing high resolution images to fit in ad spaces with a very low Kb allowance? Done! 

Quick video ads

Drag and drop (just as above) a video in the stage to create a video banner in seconds, make sure to apply the settings you want as well.

You can either select your own hosting service or use your ad server hosting without any separate uploads or setups. So now all those cool video ads you have been seeing around, you can make them you too! But also ten times faster! 

Timelines or scenes for animation

We give you the power of choice: either do super-quick animations with scenes or go full pro and use the timeline tool. 

If it’s friday afternoon and your boss demands that you create a full set of animated ads just press the scenes and use the premade animations to do amazing ads. Or if you are aiming for that prize in Cannes then the timeline is the tool for you for that hand made feel. 

Use scripts

When you want to flex those programming muscles just use the scripting view to apply css or javascript directly to a scene or object.

We don’t want to set up boundaries for your creativity so we allow you to take those amazing scripts you have written to make it rain cats or maybe some advanced animations you want to show off. If it’s something you will want to use later, just save it as a custom object or send it to us and we will make a widget out of it!